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Listed below are the various extra-curricular activities available at Chatsworth State School:

  • Fruit break - Occurs each day, dependant on class timetables, for students have a fruit break. It takes about five minutes and is designed to break up the long first session and give them controlled access to healthy ‘brain food’. Parents are expected to provide the fruit.
  • 'Get active' program – Each day every class in the school is involved in a range of activities that come under a general heading of ‘Get Active’. It may be skipping under a covered area or junior classes involved in sensory motor program.
  • 'Instrumental music' program – Strings, Woodwind and Brass instruments – Tuition is provided through instrumental music teachers who visit the school each week.
  • Netball team – One of our staff coaches a netball team from our school that competes in an after-school competition in Gympie each Monday.
  • Involvement in 'Junior rugby league' program – A Broncos development officer is based in Gympie and is very proactive in coordinating school involvement in a range of programs both at school and in Gympie. This includes mini-carnivals like the Broncos Challenge.
  • Year 7- First aid training is implemented as part of the leadership, outdoor camp and preparation for high school programs.
  • 'Environmental education' program, recycling and garden club programs.
  • Breakfast club run by staff and volunteer church programs provide breakfast one mornings a week
  • Library monitors provide an opportunity for students to build team skills, working with the teacher librarian in managing the library resources.
  • 'Leadership' programs for senior students include a year 6 and year 7 camp and the opportunity for all year 7 students to take on an active role in school activities through social, sporting and environmental committees. In 2014/2015 the leadership program will support Year 5/6/7 students around the introduction of junior secondary school.
  • Weekly library lessons
  • Social skills program based on 'You can do it!' program, 'Achieve'
  • Inter-school sport with local Gympie schools
  • Specialist sports programs presented by local sport development officers such as golf, rugby league, soccer and AFL.

In 2011, Chatsworth State School submitted three showcase entries and won two Regional showcase awards, one for Leadership and one for Middle schooling.