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Subjects and programs

Agreed maths program


Mathematics is taught daily and receives a great deal of emphasis. The program uses oral drill and written practice sheets and stresses memorization of math facts. Metric and modern math terms are included. The program and textbooks used are based on the Saxon math approach and all teachers and classrooms follow this program. All programs aligns to the Australian Curriculum.

Integrated language arts program


Reading instruction is an essential element and is a daily part of the curriculum. Students learn to enjoy reading quality literature, identify different text structures, and apply specific mental actions in all subjects. Each room has its own grade level appropriate book selections and each student has a reading diary to record and track their reading progression.

Penmanship - The standardised handwriting program based on Queensland’s writing program is taught in grades Prep to Year 7. Neatness and legibility of penmanship are stressed through daily work.


The spelling program has a strong phonetic base articulated through daily oral and written drill. The program consistently teaches spelling, language rules, vocabulary development, and is the core of the language arts curriculum. Spelling is also emphasized in the literature and composition programs. 


Each student is expected to follow a defined writing process in a grammatically correct manner that emphasizes clarity of thought and preciseness in spelling and punctuation. A variety of writing experiences are provided at each grade level, that align to the Australian Curriculum.

Key learning areas

C2C Curriculum units are followed for science, geography and history.

Teachers develop programs and units for all eight Key learning areas (KLA's), maths, English, science, Study of society and environment (SOSE), Health and physical education (HPE), Language other than English (LOTE), technology and the arts.